ICTU Hackathon Provides Innovative Solutions Preventing Identity Fraud

25 apr 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD partner ICTU organised a two-day Hackathon 'Aanpak Fraude' (Approaches to Fraud) on April 22 and 23 in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs. Nine creative ICT companies were challenged during the two-day Hackathon to develop innovative methods and tools for dealing with address and/or identity theft. The Ministry made 30.000 euro available for each of the two winning teams for further development and implementations of their ideas. After a series of impressive pitches, followed by a lively panel discussions, the ideas were judged based on criteria such as feasibility, effectiveness of anti-fraud, inventiveness and originality. The judges chose ‘Notifraude’ (created by team Connicted) and ‘Meld een Vermoeden app’ (report a suspicion) by team Milvum as the winning ideas. Ronald Bouwman of team Connicted: "NotiFraud" is a smart widget that supports servicedesks of municipalities with recognising and dealing with fraud signals. It provides employees more time and space for personal interaction with citizens."Salim Hadri, team Milvum, creators of the 'Report a Suspicion app said: "It is a practical tool that aims at improving internal communication in municipalities when it comes to reporting and investigating of suspicious address entries and identity fraud."

For more info about the hackethon you can read here. For those who also want to see the video report of the Hackethon click here.

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