Future Events Creates Living Lab for Winner and Runner Up of Secure Your Future Competition

16 jan 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Later this year Future Events, with the help of The Hague Security Delta, will launch EventCloud, a platform for open and closed event data and security features. The platform’s goal is to increase security at events and at the same time decrease security costs, making events more profitable and assuring the existence of free-of-charge public events. The ambition of EventCloud is to become a utilities platform which can be used in every city in the Netherlands. EventCloud will be used during urban events like Live I Live (26 april The Hague) and Leidens Ontzet (3 oktober Leiden); both with more than 200.000 visitors. This forms a unique Living Lab to test the innovations presented by the winner and runner up of the Secure Your Future competition.

rsz eventcloud1

Winner: UitOpTijd application
The UitOpTijd app provides individualised and dynamic information to users about the route to their destination to make it possible to arrive faster and easier at the location of an event. EventCloud gathers real-time information about traffic, parking spaces, etc., and forms the information base for applications like UitOpTijd.

Runner-up: Crowd-Connect
The Crowd-Connect Messenger uses ad-hoc wireless connections as an alternative connection route when cellular networks are overloaded. By using the Crowd-Connect Messenger, people can still be reached in case of an emergency and can also receive event related information. During the Life I Live festival, Future Events will arrange an experiment to test this innovative technology in the field. If you are interested in these innovations and the experiments that will be organised, please send an email to: manon@future-events.eu

Click here for more information about the project ‘Event Security’.