Four HSD Partners in Innovation Top 100's Final Ranking

27 sept 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 26 September, The Dutch Camber of Commerce published the final ranking of the top 100 innovations. Four HSD Partners are listed in the top 100: Milvum, Cybersprint, EclecticIQ, and HTC Parking & Security.


The top 100 was selected out of 250 entries. The nominations for the top 100 are selected based on the impact to the sector and society, originality, availability, realised revenue, and growthpotential. 


The SME Innovation Top 100 is an unique opportunity to increase the visibility of innovations and businesses, and to offer innovators in the SME sector a chance to network and gain knowledge. The power of the initiative is to show the potential of the SME sector. Research conducted by the Chamber of Commerce amongst the companies that were ranked in the top 100 of the previous years, showed that innovation has resulted into growth. All top 100 companies realised a growth in revenue, hired more staff, and became more active internationally.

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