New National Technology Strategy: Dutch Government to Prioritise 10 Key Technologies

24 jan 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Dutch government has decided to prioritise ten new strategic technologies. As a means of addressing social issues, enhancing national security, and impacting Dutch professions and income in the future, the government has chosen to concentrate on new strategic technologies.  Entrepreneurs, researchers, and the government have collaborated to determine which technologies and markets hold the biggest opportunities for the Netherlands. 


The ambitions for these ten technologies are stated in the National Technology Strategy, which the Council of Ministers agreed to on the proposal of Minister Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate. Leading the world in the creation and manufacturing of integrated photonics, being a member of the EU's elite group for the production and marketing of quantum technology and addressing needless dependencies and social concerns are among these ambitions.


''We have to make choices, because we are increasingly confronted with all kinds of scarcities in the field of energy, raw materials/semi-finished products, personnel and space. Other countries are also strategically focusing on innovative technologies. The Netherlands has a strong knowledge-based economy and a leading position as a trading and innovation country. With this strategy and targeted investments, we can remain so in the future. This is very important for a liveable and secure Netherlands, but also because we first have to earn before we can distribute.’’ - Minister Adriaansen of Economic Affairs and Climate.


The following ten technologies represent opportunities for Dutch businesses and intellectual institutions:

  1. The optics and integrated photonics
  2. Quantum
  3. Green chemical production processes
  4. Biotechnology focused on molecules and cells
  5. Imagining technology
  6. (Opto)mechatronics (industrial systems/machines and equipment)
  7. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data
  8. Energy materials
  9. Semiconductors
  10. Cybersecurity

By focusing on these ten strategic technologies, the Dutch government will be able to address social issues, enhance national security, and impact Dutch professions and income in the future.


Key technologies

Key technologies are specific technologies deemed crucial for future economic growth and in which the Netherlands scientifically excels. These technologies are applicable in future innovations and across a diversity of sectors. They are part of the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs), and the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC), in which businesses, knowledge institutions, governments, and other organisations invest €5.7 billion for innovation.


Source in Dutch: Rijksoverheid




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