New Dutch AI Coalition Demands National Approach

23 juli 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

In October 2019, the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition (NL AIC) will be established between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. The primary objective of NL AIC is to realise a joint approach in the area of AI through one national knowledge and innovation network. This should stimulate effective cooperation between the different research centres and prevent fragmented AI initiatives.


In addition the coalition aims to acquire a European top center for AI research to the Netherlands. This can further strengthen the relatively good starting position of the Netherlands in the field of AI and, moreover, work as a magnet for new talent and new business activities. Read the position paper, in which AI is also mentioned as a tool to make the Netherlands more secure. 


Nederlandse AI-coalitie

The AI coalition is an initiative of the Taskforce AI, established by VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, TNO, VSNU and the ministry of EZK. Organisations that want to join the coalition can submit their interest via Approximately sixty parties have expressed their interest to participate in the launch in October.


AI and Cybersecurity

HSD has recognised that AI and Machine Learning will play an important role in today’s cybersecurity challenges. For this reason HSD Office has commissioned a study to investigate the implications of AI and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity. Based on the outcome of this study HSD Office has initiated a programme to setup a consortium between different stakeholders from businesses, governments and knowledge institutions, to define and stimulate knowledge development and innovations with AI and Machine Learning in the field of Cybersecurity. For example the Innovation Programme: Extensive Automation of Security Operations, in close collaboration with TNO. More information about the HSD programme and study.


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