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17 apr 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Making a breakthrough in the USA is a dream that a lot of companies have. But how do you get there? A question that is also on the agenda of many companies in the security field. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch embassy and consulates, InnovationQuarter (IQ) and HSD are fully committed to do business in the United States with a Roadmap initiated last year. The Roadmap is a “multiyear programmatic approach to cybersecurity US". 


Joining the forces we help companies enter the US cybersecurity market. The roadmap bundles existing activities aimed at the US market and supplements them with new ones. The United States is one of the largest players in cybersecurity, in terms of market size, investments in research and development and foreign investments. The roadmap focuses on trade promotion, innovation, knowledge sharing and acquisition to bring American companies to the Netherlands. The underlying ambition is to allow the Dutch cyber security sector to grow sustainably and to become one of the top ecosystems in the world.  


Making the first steps on this journey RVO organised a Business week in the week of 6 April 2021, where also the USA was subject. This Business Week gave the opportunity for HSD to present the Roadmap for a broader audience in the security field. Also HSD Partners Compumatica Secure Networks and Audittrail were part of this special session on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the USA and Canada. Petra van Schayik (Compumatica Secure Networks) and Jorrit van de Walle (Audittrail) spoke about opportunities and the value of the internationalisation activities of RVO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HSD and InnovationQuarter in the US.


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RoundTable: Explore Cybersecurity Business Opportunities in the US Capitol Region

Do you want to learn more about positioning yourself in the US cybersecurity market? Are you interested in how to approach government related business in the US Capital Region (Washington DCMaryland and Virginia)? Join us during the roundtable on the 29th of April 16:00 CET. Good Harbor Security Risk Management will present their recently finished market analysis on the cybermarket in the US, commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together we will discuss the opportunities for among others OT/IoT security, pentesting, vulnerability scanning, threat Intelligence and privacy services.


During the session, we will give you the opportunity to raise your questions and discuss best-practices, opportunities and potential obstacles. This includes an introduction to the activities currently being organized to support Dutch cybersecurity businesses in their approach towards the US. At the end of the session, you have the option to have a 1 on 1 meeting with the Maryland Department of Commerce, NL Embassy representatives, The Hague Security Delta and/or InnovationQuarter.


Program April 29 

16.00 – 17.15

  • Introduction by Nathalie Jaarsma, the Netherlands Ambassador at Large for Security and Cyber
  • In-depth presentation of the market analysis on the US and US Capital cyber market by market expert Good Harbor Security Risk Management. You will get the opportunity to ask your questions
  • Interactive discussion about experiences and challenges 
  • More information on activities currently being undertaken: the multi-year US Roadmap, PIB Program and related events coming up.


17.15 – 17.45

Possibility to book a 1 on 1 meeting with the Maryland Department of Commerce, NL Embassy representatives, The Hague Security Delta and/or InnovationQuarter (3x 10 min slots). If you are interested and have a specific preference, please let us know beforehand at and we make sure you will be connected to the right organisation. Depending on availability, it will be possible to book a slot on the spot at the end of the main session as well.

Interested to join the roundtable? Register here!


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