DNB: "Collaboration Essential in Combating Cybercrime"

12 aug 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Collaboration between financial institutions is essential to deal with cyber threats. By exchanging information about digital attacks and ways to detect these attacks, threats can be resisted more effectively and the financial sector can become more resilient, according to 'De Nederlansche Bank' (DNB) in its recently published Information Security Monitor. The Monitor is the feedback on the results of DNB's cyber security research at insurers and pension funds.


In terms of information, an institution often only has one piece of the puzzle. Information exchange with other parties can lead to a more complete picture, which means that its own control measures can be tightened. A particular point of attention in this year's edition of the Monitor is the adapted working methods, such as working from home, which are the result of the measures against the spread of the corona virus.


Read the report here.


Source: DNB (in Dutch)

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