DHS Starts Partnership with Guardian360

07 feb 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Since the beginning of February, DHS and Guardian360 started their partnership. For over 35 years, DHS has delivered an important contribution to the productivity of IT-companies and business processes. In addition, DHS not only acts as an IT service provider but also as a knowledge partner for its customers. The demand for security services has increased more and more recently, which is why DHS selected Guardian360 as a partner.


A statement from Sander van der Post, Innovation Director at DHS computerization; "We are pleased that the Guardian360 services provides continuous insight into the security of IT environments. This applies to our own DHS nextCloud platforms as well as on-premises environments. Customers who until recently had a pen test done once a year can now gain insight daily and prove to third parties that they are "in control."


The Guardian360 Lighthouse platform enables DHS to add securityservices to its portfolio, without DHS having to set up a complete security department. Clients call the DHS ServiceDesk, DHS-engineers provide advice and proactively resolve any issues. Using the Guardian360 platform.


Jan Martijn Broekhof, Managing Director at Guardian360: "DHS shows that it no longer considers information security optional. The new year started with the discovery of a number of serious vulnerabilities in various commonly used systems. It is good to see that DHS wants to be able to switch quickly and to prevent incidents with customers. "


Source: Guardian360

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