Deputy Mayor van Engelshoven Officially Launches Security Talent Community

04 dec 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On December 4th, deputy mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven officially launched HSD’s Security Talent Community. It is the training and career community for students and professionals in the rapidly growing safety and security field. The community was founded to respond to the increasing demand of employers for security talent and to better coordinate this demand with the supply of qualified personnel.


The launch took place on the HSD Campus during the HSD Café on Security Talent. Around 100 students, young professionals, and representatives of businesses, governments, and research institutions discussed the developments of human capital within the security cluster and the related opportunities and challenges of the job market. Deputy mayor Van Engelshoven is very enthusiastic about the platform: “The Hague Security Delta is THE job engine for our city and region. The talents of today will be the professionals of the future. It is amazing that there now is a place where knowledge can be exchanged and talent becomes visible.”


The community will be supported by the platform: This website provides an overview of current vacancies, assignments, internship, public and private training courses, degrees, and careers in security. “It makes it possible for students to make more informed choices about their degrees and for employers to directly reach the currently scarce security talent”, says Xander Beenhakkers, programme manager Human Capital HSD. “In this way we encourage a career in security, because only with enough qualified personnel, the national security cluster HSD can keep working on security innovations, with the goal of creating more jobs, more activity, and a more secure world”.


Interested? Please take a look at and create your own profile!


Cyber Security Academy
To ensure that students and professionals can make well-informed choices, Security Talent also promotes the creation of quality standards for studies and training courses. “A good example of this is the Cyber Security Academy, which will offer the first accredited Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity”, says Joris den Bruinen, Deputy Director HSD. “Unique to this master’s degree is that it has been developed in close cooperation with the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, and TU Delft. And even businesses will give guest lectures”. More than 25 professionals have already subscribed. 


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