CyNation opens New Office at HSD Campus

27 sept 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The UK Compliance & Information Security company CyNation has opened a new office in The Hague. CyNation helps organisations improve their information security and compliance posture by providing innovative, end-to-end cyber security and information compliance solutions. The company officially announced its arrival during the buzzing Cyber Security Week. CyNation’s Chairman, Steve Berry, was presented a welcome gift from InnovationQuarter’s Director of Foreign Investments Chris van Voorden during a kick-off ceremony at The Hague Security Delta.


Replacing vulnerabilities with capabilities
Organisations across all sectors and sizes are faced with having to manage relentless cyber threats and increasing compliance demands such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To manage this, organisations have to address information security in an altogether different manner. CyNation believes that automation will resolve these issues and enhance organisations’ effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with cyber security threats and compliance demands. Their solutions aim at providing on-going visibility and monitoring of an organisation’s cyber security and compliance posture, enabling immediate remediation and instant reporting.


Operating within the Hague’s security community
The Hague is renowned for its international position as the City of Peace, Justice & Security. It provides CyNation with a prosperous business environment and is a central hub to continental European business. Furthermore, CyNation’s membership with The Hague Security Delta (HSD) positions it at the centre of the Dutch security cluster. HSD is a community of companies, government organisations and knowledge institutes, who serve as a new market for foreign companies and as a platform to create new (innovative) initiatives. Home to this cluster is the HSD Campus: the innovation centre for the security industry, with living labs, training facilities, flexible office space and meeting rooms.


Steve Berry, Chairman CyNation: “We are delighted and proud to open our first office outside the UK at The Hague Security Delta Campus. It will be the cornerstone of our European expansion. We have enjoyed tremendous support and hospitality since we started engaging with InnovationQuarter and The Hague Security Delta some time ago. We look forward to building on this and are delighted to be part of this leading security cluster in Europe.”


Chris van Voorden, Director of Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter, believes that CyNation complements the existing regional businesses. "The company’s activities in cyber security threats and compliance fit nicely in West Holland’s security ecosystem. Finn McClain and his team will surely benefit from working within HSD’s innovative security community to expand their business across Europe.”


Photo: Daniel Verkijk



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