Crowd Safety Manager: Scaling Up Innovation in Crowd Management  

01 mei 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Managing large crowds at high-profile events is a complex task that requires close collaboration between different parties, including local authorities, police and event organisers. The Crowd Safety Manager (CSM) provides all the responsible parties the same picture of the crowds by combining multiple anonymous data sources like traffic data, public transport data and GPS data.


The CSM is a digital innovation, a tool that creates shared intelligence about the crowd while respecting privacy, public values and ethical data use. The system has already proved its worth in 2022 during the summer crowds in Scheveningen, the Invictus Games, and the Vuelta.


Last week CSM was used during the King's visit to Rotterdam and The Life I Live Festival (Koningsnacht) in the centre of The Hague. The technology was used to monitor and manage crowds and ensure a safe event for both visitors and royal guests.

Empowering smart secure cities 

The success of the CSM in The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht, leads to growing interest from other cities and event organisations. Therefore the lessons from the CSM are broadly shared between the network of the Impact Coalition Safety Security to optimise this collaboration and ensure safety and security.


Soon representatives from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht will meet in the Impact Coalition to share experiences of using tools like the CSM during major events. The aim is to learn from each other and implement best practices in future approaches to crowd management.    


Want to know more? Contact the members of the Impact Coalition Safety & Security: 

The Impact Coalition Safety & Security is a collaboration between municipalities, police, knowledge institutions, companies, VNG and HSD Office.



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