Call for participation: Mission Driven Innovation Policy

20 mei 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

End of April 2019, The Dutch Cabinet has launched the 'mission driven top sectors and innovation policy'. Following this policy, the ministries are preparing a Knowledge Innovation Agenda (KIA) Security, guided by the top sectors. The KIA will be completed on 1 July 2019. Based upon the KIA, specific programmes will be developed and funding will be allocated. Precondition of this proces is the active participation of businesses. Therefore the ministry would like to invite businesses from the HSD community to participate in:  


  1. Information meeting on 20 June 2019
    There will be an information meeting about the new policy and KIA at the Ministry of Defense on 20 June in the morning. If you would like to join, please send an email to Emmy Koning and we will make sure you will get an official invitation.  
  2. Participate in security missions of the top sectors and innovation policy
    Would you like to participate in a security mission, please send an email to Emmy Koning and we will get you in contact with the ministry. Read more about the security missions.


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