BeOne Development Wants to Increase Cyber Awareness with the National Phishing Test

01 aug 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 30 July, Cyber security company BeOne Development announced the National Phishing Test. The initiative is part of the European Cyber Security Month and the Alert Online Campaign. Goal is to increase the awareness of cyber security and phishing within the Dutch market.


Phishing Test for organisations with more than 50 employees (free of costs)

The number of phishing attacks increase each year. The success rate is high and, therefore, it is crucial that employees are well informed and educated. Organisations located in the Netherlands with more than 50 employees are eligible for this free phishing simulation at their organisation. During this simulation, employees within the organisation receive simulated phishing e-mails to test of they are able to recognise phishing and increase their resilience for future attacks. After the simulation, participants receive a report to compare the results others in their sector. The results are statistical and not traceable to individuals or organisations.


Phishing is a form of internet fraud where cybercriminals send e-mails to obtain sensitive and confidential information to misuse. During a phishing attack, it is possible for the criminal to install malware. With this malware, the attacker can log keystrokes, misuse files, or take over the entire company network. The annual National Cybersecurity Research of Alert Online show that 39% of the working Dutch received phishing e-mail.


Visit for more information and to sign up.

Read the full pdfpress release in Dutch and listen to the item on BNR radio.