AET Europe Becomes Premium Partner

13 aug 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

It is with great pleasure that HSD announces the Premium Partnership of AET Europe, specialised in creating technological solutions for user identification and authentication: unlimited access, 24/7. The company develops software for the deployment and use of secure elements (e.g. smart cards and tokens) and certificates. Their products are typically used in Government, Healthcare, Finance, and Enterprises.


AET Europe sees The Hague Security Delta as an important link between the business and the end customer who seeks  high-quality IT Security solutions. Jan Rochat, CTO of AET Europe, said: “We have joined HSD because we believe in the benefits of collaboration. As an international IT-security software development company it is important to get access to all knowledge and expertise that is available in the market. We’re optimised to get in contact with the right partners and stay on top of new developments and trends in the security sector.”


AET Europe was previously involved in Dutch eID projects such as the Royal Dutch Army’s ID, Notary pass, ‘UZI pass’ (Unique Healthcare Provider Identification Register), and ‘Rijkspas’ (Government pass)’. They are also involved in a Brazilian project to ensure the security of real time declaration of tax . A device automatically transmits real-time sale information to the local tax authority in Sao Paulo secured with PKI technology provided by AET.  They want to share their expertise in the field of user identification, authentication, digital signature, and e-ID management.