29 Cybersecurity Research Initiatives and Matchmaking Session for NWO Call: ‘Cybersecurity for Digital Resilience (KIC)'

20 jan 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

29 research initiatives were submitted within the NWO call ‘Cybersecurity for Digital Resilience' (KIC). Initiators are looking for new consortium partners, both academic and industrial for these innovative research proposals. To accommodate this, dcypher will organise an online meeting on 25 January for potential consortium partners to meet.


The aim of this ‘Cybersecurity for Digital Resilience’ initiative is to address crucial cybersecurity challenges that need to be solved in order to ensure the safety of several societal digital transitions. NWO is funding this PPP research initiative with 15 million euros, creating opportunities for interested parties to collaborate with the initiators of research proposals. You can view the initiatives on NWO’s website.


Matchmaking session by dcypher

dcypher is organising an online meeting on 25 January to bring together consortium partners. You can register for the matchmaking session here. This session is an opportunity for companies looking to join consortia and thereby enhance their R&D investments in cybersecurity. Participants can look forward to pitch sessions, networking opportunities and guidance by experts.


Research themes and topics

Submitted research initiatives cover a range of topics such as new hardware, regulatory frameworks and secure behaviour, reflecting the variety of the cybersecurity research field. The initiatives originate from consortia with interdisciplinary, social, and technical perspectives.


Popular themes among the submitted initiatives are security by design, security of operational technology and IoT, and system and chain security. Notably, many universities of applied sciences have submitted initiatives and are represented as consortium partners. 


Photo: Istock.com/Tirachard


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