Zoetermeer Starts Big Data Centre Creating Opportunities for Security Domain

26 apr 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The start of a 'Big Data innovation consortium' for businesses, governments and knowledge institutions by the Municipality of Zoetermeer creates opportunities for the security domain. For this Big Data Hub a total of €800.000 was reserved, within this amount The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) made €295.000,- available for this new centre. Due to the combination of a strong IT cluster, qualitafely strong IT education and the existing plans for Big Data research on the Dutch Innovation Park, Zoetermeer can now start with the realisation of a Big Data Centre.


Research data on behaviour, the use of sensor data and social acceptance will be key elements. Cross-overs to other sectors are also stimulated, future plans also focus on themes like healthcare and cyber security. Goal of the Big Data Centre is the development of a consortium where the storage and analysis of big and complex data can be used in research concerning complex social themes like eHealth, self sufficiency and digital security. The main focus in this research is placed on vitality and self sufficiency of people.


Read the official press release (in Dutch)



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