Why HSD is a Flywheel for Start-ups

25 aug 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Viresh Jagesser's (26) from 'Meld een Vermoeden' helps municipalities improving their information position and to tackle crime and fraud. ''HSD is our Flywheel''. 


Municipalities possess eyes and ears on the street, such as the police, special investigative officers, neighbourhoodteams and landscapers. Suspicions regarding crime and fraud do not always reach the correct department, or it is not reported because the person in question does not know where he can report his information. “Our platform: ‘Report a Suspicion’ is for this reason the solution.” Via HSD a greater number of potential customers has become available to Jagesser than his three-man team could realise on their own.


“A solid network is crucial in the start-up phase. Via HSD, I meet people in the security sector and I can approach connections easily. This leads to new developments. I have, for example, interested the municipality of Zoetermeer. And we partner at this point with consultancy firm Van Aestsveld. We are collaboratively writing a whitepaper and deliver a contribution to a HSD Café. What is unique is that our small business can be present at international expos and events. We can only do this with the HSD as flywheel.”

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