Wanted: Mentors for the Hackathon for Good

20 sept 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Hackathon for Good team is looking for data and AI experts, business development, tech innovation, sustainability and pilot project mentors for the 4th edition of the Hackathon for Good on the 26-28 of November 2021. Are you interested in and available for this opportunity? Join the session on 30 September for more information. And did you know that several security related challenges are involved? For example by the ministry of Defence.


What is Hackathon for Good?

Hackathon for Good is organised by The Hague Tech and WorldStartup, in collaboration with the Hague’s innovation ecosystem consisting of the many innovation hubs and programmes in The Hague like Impact City, HSD, The Hague Humanity Hub and YES!Delft.


Their mission is to connect data and AI savvy innovators with transition leaders, designers and business experts to accelerate purpose-driven innovation by governments, NGOs, universities, and businesses. They help them prototype with data and AI. By providing access to data, tools, challenges, team members, training, and mentoring.


What is the role of the mentor?

  • Provide support and guidance on the development of the teams' innovative solutions.
  • Mentoring sessions approx. 30 min per session on Friday evening 26 and/or Saturday 27 November
  • The request is that you can be available to mentor a few groups (<2 hours in total). The teams will be responsible for reaching out to you and setting a call.
  • You will be able to select your preferred time slots from a mentoring schedule.

What will you get out of it?

  • Opportunity to support participants in their data or AI solution development 
  • Introduction on our (and partners') social media channels and on the Kick Off Event on the 26th of November (16:00-18:00)
  • Be part of solutions for Good that truly can make a difference
  • Get practical experience and be supported by us and fellow mentors during a mentor check-in briefing
  • Get onboarded on our Hackathon for Good platform with more opportunities


Talent for Good event 30 September at 16:00

The upcoming event of the Hackathon is focused on the talent that we want to involve and support during this hackathon edition. Mentors, but also experts, hackers, participants are invited to learn more about the Hackathon for Good, the SDGs and the challenges we want to tackle together internationally. 


All topics will be announced during the event and the registration will opened for participants.

Make sure to join and see what will be the prizes per challenge and for the over-all winners!

There will be 3 interactive breakout sessions to provide more information:

  • For participants, teams and startups
  • For experts (mentor and jury member roles)
  • For talent enablers (universities, hubs, etc.)


Register here for the Talent for Good event. If you are not available but are still interested in joining as a mentor, please reach out to delilah@hackathonforgood.org so she can keep you updated via email. 

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