ThreatFabric New Premium Partner

20 aug 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Cyber Security company TreatFabric has recently joined the HSD community as new Premium Partner. The company was already familiar with HSD, as at the beginning of this year their team joined the mission to San Francisco and participated to the IT Holland Pavilion at the RSA Conference. ThreatFabric provides services tailored for financial institutions with two areas of expertise: Mobile Threat Intelligence, focused on financially motivated threat actors abusing devices of consumers to steal personal information and perform fraud. Client-Side Detection, empowering financial institutions to asses risk related to devices used by customers to do online banking, thereby controlling risk and preventing fraud in real-time.


As a European cyber security company, ThreatFabric joins HSD to strengthen the local security cluster and thereby combine forces with the other members.


Gaetan van Diemen, General Manager ThreatFabric: “We are teaming up with the HSD as their team and network can facilitate our foreign business expansion projects by providing a better exposure and understanding of those international markets. 


Added values partnership

The added value we see in such partnership is a better exposure, facilitation of connection with relevant international partners, access to network of professionals from all over the world and possibility to position ourselves together with other HSD partners as leading cyber security providers.”


Another added value of joining the HSD is international expansion of the business, according to van Diemen. Cyber Security is very much a matter of trust, therefore providing services abroad requires to first have built a solid relationship with the foreign prospects or partner. Together with the HSD community ThreatFabric hopes to be able to handle those challenges better.


Security deserves more focus

On the question about what ThreatFabric sees as challenges in the security domain, van Diemen mentions that there is a clear trend for everything to go “mobile”. Unfortunately many financial service providers are not yet aware of their mobile threat-landscape and therefore not always ready to handle attacks on such online services. Between rushes for new features, faster payments, and changes in laws and regulations, security deserves more focus. “In order to remain embodied in the constant evolution and growth cycles of digital services, cyber security providers have to simplify access, deployment and usage of their solutions while providing increasable-complex services. One of the challenges is to lower entrance barrier while raising awareness and security maturity, which can only be successful through work of the security community as a whole.”


“Another challenge we observed is that cyber security and threat-intelligence are still thriving and fast-growing markets with more and more players. This means that opting for the right and best solution(s) becomes more and more of a challenge for decision makers. By building the right network of partners, cybersecurity professionals can refer to partners to provide broader security services and grow business jointly while growing customers satisfaction.”