ThreadStone and Allianz Target Cybercrime with Cyber Risk Scan

21 mei 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Insurances that allow companies to protect themselves against damage from incidents on the Internet are taken more often nowadays. But preventing is better than recovering after damage is done. That is why Threadstone Cyber Security and Allianz developed a Cyber Risk Scan together for SMEs.


The Cyber Risk Scan helps to raise awareness within the SME about the risks and impact of cybercrime. Participants are asked fifteen in-depth questions that trigger them to think about their situation. The questions are in regard to policy, organisation and technology. At the end of the questionnaire, the answers are summarised in a clear, visual scan result that shows how sensitive a company is to cyber risks. The results of the scan are sent via email, along with a concrete advise per answer. The participant can, based upon those advises, directly take measures; the report can also be useful input for a meeting with his IT-supplier and/or insurance advisor.


In the meanwhile, over 1,000 companies have done this free scan. The Cyber Risk Scan can be found at (Dutch).


René van Etten, general director at ThreadStone Cyber Security: "We want to help SMEs to take the right steps towards defending themself against cybercrime. To illustrate this: according to Deloitte, the damage done by cybercrime, data leaks and a system shutdowns in The Netherlands costs over €10 billion. 43% of SMEs does not know what to do if they would become a victim. The questions were written to trigger participants to think. Are certain measures taken or not? This is how we hope to enhance the awareness about information security."


Rob Zijl, Manager Products & Markets Damage of Allianz in The Netherlands: "There are many advantages of automatisation and digitalisation for SMEs. But at the same time, companies are hit by viruses, hacks, DDos-attacks, ransomware, system hacks and information leaks. As an insurance company, we think it is important to make our business clients more resilient. With this scan we provide more insight in cyber risks. We chose to develop the scan with Threadstone because they are a specialist in cyber security solutions for SMEs."


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