The Netherlands Continues Vigorous Fight against Cybercrime

14 juli 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On July 10 2014, Ivo Opstelten, minister of security and justice, sent a report on cyber security in the Netherlands to the Dutch parliament. The minister argues that the continuation of the vigorous fight against cybercrime is of great importance to the Netherlands and that new investments are necessary. Especially cybercriminals currently are a large cyber treat. 


Research- and analytical capacities of the National Cyber Security Center, the National Police, and secret services AIVD and MIVD will be strengthened to get a better understanding of threats and risks in the cyber domain. On top of this, in order to educate a sufficient amount of cybersecurity experts to support both public and private organisations, extra effort will be put in stimulating cybersecurity education. The HSD Cyber Security Academy is an example of such an investment and will start by year end. In addition, HSD is developping an 'SecurityTalent portal' to match demand and supply.


Opstelten also warns for cyber espionage of foreign secret services. Not only citizens, but also companies could be spied upon, e.g. companies related to technology, chemical, and energy. ICT systems should be better supported and kept up-to-date.


Read the Report Cyber Security Beeld Nederland (CSBN)