The Crisis Communication Game: Better use of crisis information

18 juni 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation

During a recent asbestos incident in a large municipality in the Netherlands, both the municipality and the housing corporation in question communicated with the residents. They forgot to harmonise their messages with each other. The result: residents who didn’t know what to do. That led to unnecessary risks, as well as worry and anger among the residents. There is a better way.


Crisis communication during incidents is becoming more and more important. And more complex. During the communication process, a network of partners with a communication interest soon materialise. It is important to map out that network as soon as possible so that you can work together, exchange information and harmonise messages. The public then receives better information faster and can act and react more adequately.


The Crisis Communication Game project focuses specifically on developing a training for this network aspect of crisis communication. This project was launched on 13 March 2014 at The Hague Security Delta Campus. A team consisting of TNO, T-Xchange, Netherlands Institute of Safety (IFV) and Crisisplan is developing a serious game aimed at training crisis communication consultants. By playing this game, consultants will learn how to quickly map out the relevant network, gather and distribute information and harmonise the message with the other partners. The Crisis Communication Game enables groups to be trained more often without having to set up large response cells. The preconditions, learning objectives and in-game feedback are being drawn up together with experts in the field. The conceptual game and the training are expected to be available by April 2015. To keep informed, go to:


This innovation project is co-financed by HSD Development Fund, which is made available by the Municipality of The Hague and the European Communit

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