Technology can Help Municipalities Implement and Enforce the 1.5m Measure

09 okt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting enormous pressure on municipalities, for example to implement and enforce social distancing measures. In addition to physical adaptations within the city, such as creating sufficient space for pedestrians, there is a demand for smart technological solutions that can help municipalities implement and enforce social distancing. That is why FME, VNG and the Impact Coalition Safety & Security have conducted a technology exploration into the possibilities.



An overview has been made of practically applicable technological solutions that municipalities can use for implementing and enforcing social distancing measures. Think of: Using algorithms to convert sound waves into "heat maps" on which crowds become visible. Or smart wearable devices that give you a signal when a person is closer than a meter and a half to you. These are all included in the technology exploration. Practical and innovative solutions from companies in the Netherlands, often created through collaboration with knowledge institutions and public organizations such as municipalities. 


Several partners of The Hague Security Delta have contributed to this technology exploration with their innovative technological solutions. View the results of the exploration on the FME website.


Impact Coalition Safety & Security

In order to tackle safety challenges such as COVID-19 in cities through the use of smart technology, the Impact Coalition Safety & Security was established. The Impact Coalition is supported by The Hague Security Delta. The coalition focuses on the following issue: How can we use smart applications to improve urban security? This technology exploration fits in very well with the coalition’s focus. 


Would you like to know more about the Impact Coalition Safety & Security and their projects? Then take a look at Impact Coalition Safety & Security.


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