Sweetie 2.0 Winner of Accenture Innovation Awards Safe & Secure Society

03 nov 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 30 October five finalists in the category ‘Secure  & Safe Society’ pitched their innovative concept to the jury of the Accenture Innovation Awards. Three of these finalists are partner of HSD: Tracksinspector as technology partner of Sweetie 2.0, Sam Outdoor and Robin Radar. After deep consideration the jury selected one winner: Sweetie 2.0.

Sweetie 2.0 is an innovative method to detect online child molesters. The method aims at warning and scaring off child molesters with the objective to provide a safer online environment for children. Sweetie 2.0 meets the needs of the future; children actively start using the Internet at young ages. The method to detect online child molesters will provide fitting protection for this new trend.

The Sweetie 2.0 is a project of Terre des Hommes, Tilburg University and as technology partner e.g. HSD partner Tracks Inspector. The technology will be further developed at the HSD Campus.

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