Introducing New Premium Partner Scenarios4summits

15 dec 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Scenarios4summits (S4S) is one of the new Premium Partners who have joined the HSD Community recently and already was officially welcomed at the beginning of Q4. Scenarios4summits (S4S) develops, prepares and executes crisis management simulations that engage participants and improve their performance. S4S designs and creates highly realistic, immersive crisis scenarios that suits each budget, including the use of audio visual and filmed realistic case studies.


S4S uses videos to visualise the message in an immersive way to connect and engage with the audience. They provide qualified trainers and moderators with subject matter knowledge to challenge participants and guide clients through their Objective Based Event Preparation Process to create a truly unique experience.


The different products they offer to support their clients vary from scenario-based policy discussion, scenarios-based training to online interaction with options like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities to bring all virtual events to a whole new level. “We create cool stuff that matters on different levels. Think about serious gaming in the clients own setting, or an Interactive and moderated crisis management training and policy debate. We also provide all-inclusive, interactive, life event facilitation.”, says Erik Frinking, Partner at S4S. 


The reason why Scenario4summits is joining the eco-system is because they experience the eco-system of HSD as a leading security cluster combining a wide variety of organisations in business, academia and government. “Access and exposure to these actors will help us understand emerging issues, tap into knowledge and expertise, and exploit new opportunities.”, says Managing Director Mark Stoop.


Over the years Scenarios4summits has developed a unique concept, combining knowledge of content with creative production. Many years of experience with high-level events has enabled them to execute events with high impact on improving the performance of participants, audience, and content. With this bag of experience they can bring added value to the community being part of the security cluster. Scenarios4summits can work together with the partners connected to HSD to help support them to be prepared for any thinkable scenario.


One of the major security challenges S4S sees is to really make knowledge, training and simulation exercises change organisational and individual behaviour in the security domain. Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, Scenarios4summits has created the next level of online interaction. It gives clients the opportunities to engage and improve their performance by participating in an interactive crisis management training when personal interaction is not possible and to achieve the clients goals but adjusted to the current situation.  

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