Registration Accenture Innovation Awards 2016 Open

15 apr 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The registration of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016 is now open. This year’s edition is the 10th Accenture Innovation Awards in a row, which is celebrated by the implementation of 11 innovation award categories. The Accenture Innovation Awards is designed for the most innovative products, services or concepts in The Netherlands. The security related innovation themes this year varies from Smart Industry, Safe & Secure Society to The Internet of Me.


Participation in the Innovation Awards is a way to place your innovation in the centre of attention. Different development programmes throughout the year offer a chance to get in touch with corporates and potential investors. Accenture collaborates with large national and sector specific media, generating a lot of media attention for participating concepts. The jury (corporates, academics, politics) judge content and performance. If possible they will give tips on how to improve both aspects.


Registration now here.

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