Introducing New 'Quartermaster' Orientation Programme Cybersecurity

18 okt 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Jet van Gaalen has been appointed by the Province of South Holland as quartermaster to design an orientation programme to help workers and jobseekers on their way to re-educate or further their skills in the field of cyber security. The programme has to contribute to reducing the shortages in the field of cybersecurity and will be designed with support from the Hague Security Delta foundation.


The Human Capital agreement of the Province South-Holland formulates the aim of the project to employ more people in the Province South-Holland and to let more people develop themselves and to strengthen labour mobility. This ambition is connected to the Human Capital Agenda Security 2019-2022 of HSD. In this Agenda the need to invest the coming years in attracting and re-educating well qualified cyber security personnel is explained.


Orientation Programme

Within cybersecurity there is a growing mismatch between the demand and supply of cyber security personnel. Vacancies remain open for a long time and positions are sometimes left unfilled. Solutions for this problem can be found in increasing the accretion, attracting talents from abroad or by re-educating professionals from other fields. The orientation programme has the aim of giving potentially interested persons insight in the field of cybersecurity, in job opportunities and in the steps to be taken. Such an orientation will diminish the step to cybersecurity.


Before the end of the year, the quartermaster will, in conversations with educators, employers and governments, determine the feasibility of the orientation programme and draw up a project plan. In case of a positive advice, a consortium will be established at the end of December of partners who would like to cooperate in the programme. The execution of the programme will start in 2020 and should lead to the accretion of 2000-3000 potential cyber security employees. 


Get involved

Do you want to be involved in this initiative? Do you have ideas or do you see possibilities for cooperation? Please contact Jet van Gaalen ( or 06-22510654).

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