Premium Partnership VolkerWessels: Building on living, working, mobility and (OT) security

04 feb 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Multi-branded Dutch construction company VolkerWessels has joined the HSD Community since October 2019 as Premium Partner. They are a leading international listed company that operates according to the 'think global, act local' principle. The company is active in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, North America and Germany and has over 120 local operating companies. VolkerWessels plays a key role in society with projects and services that contribute sustainably to the living environment. They build on living, working and mobility.


VolkerWessels is active in many different areas (Construction, real estate development, telecom, mechanical and electrical installations, supply, road construction, energy networks, civil engineering, railway construction, mobility & engineering). They develop, design, build, finance, manage and operate. The shared building blocks in all of these activities are safety, sustainability and integrity. These three core values help VolkerWessels shape their mission: building a better quality of life. Also innovation is an important spearhead of their mission and VolkerWessels aspires to be a leader in this area. They prefer to colour outside of the lines or even off of the paper. Thinking in the language of the future, because they believe that innovation is crucial to improving quality of life.


Joining HSD valuable
In relation to security not only information security is of great importance for this construction company, also cyber security in operational techniques belongs to their day-to-day business. Joining the partner network of HSD is therefore very valuable. Like getting challenged by other partners. “It is an exciting time for our company with many digitization initiatives. From a cyber security perspective we would like to get the movement going”, says Group Manager Information Security Sam van Rooij. “Getting the movement going is one of the challenges that VolkerWessels sees in the security domain. Next to creating the right insights and to raise the level of awareness”.


On the question if VolkerWessels specifically is looking for certain collaboration on specific security issues. Or if they have a specific question for the community. Van Rooij’s question is how to change their culture so security becomes top of mind.

“We need to “build security in”. Into our way-of-working, our processes, the techniques and into the minds of our people.”  

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