Port of Rotterdam Practices Cyber Resilience

03 nov 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation
The Port of Rotterdam practiced their cyber resilience on Thursday 2 November. Under the projectname ‘CyberNautics2017' different parties involved with the process for shipping traffic tested their cyber resilience together.
The practice is meant to make businesses and authoritative sources more aware of, and resilient to digital threats. The outcomes will be analysed and the lessons learned will be shared with the participants.
Vital process
The process of the shipping traffic in the Port of Rotterdam is appointed by the government as a vital process. That means for the Netherlands, that it is of great importance that this process is taken care of as good and quick as possible. In April 2017, this was the starting point for a collective approach on crisismanamagement within the area of cyber in the Port of Rotterdam. CyberNautics2017 is an important milestone in that development.
This idea is initiated by all partners of the port, among others Port of Rotterdam, the Loodswezen (pilotage), digital port service provider Portbase, the different containerterminals and shipping companies and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The development for this idea was in collaboration with consultant agency Berenschot. The test consisted of different premediated trainings and the excercise on Thursday.
In June 2017 a cyberattack hit the Port of Rotterdam. Even though the attack was limited to one company, it points out to be of great importance that not only individual companies, but also chains of businesses realise their digital dependencies and what they can, and must do in case of a cyber attack.
In 2016, the programme 'FERM' was launched. FERM is a programme that increases awareness on cyber vulnerability and risks amongst businesses in the Port of Rotterdam.
Source: FERM

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