Pandora Intelligence New Premium Partner HSD

21 juli 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Pandora Intelligence recently joined the HSD community as a Premium Partner. Pandora Intelligence provides the latest generation of analysis software. They enable organisations to learn from the past, respond to the present, and to anticipate to future events.  


In June of this year the company won the Blue Tulip Award for most innovative company in the field of Security. Pandora Intelligence invented a way to translate disparate data into narrative scenarios. Moreover, the company applies the latest data science techniques to combine historic datasets, with real-time information, into operational future scenarios.


Their added value being part of the security cluster is their holistic approach of combining data from multiple sources into actionable scenario’s. These scenarios are proven increasingly valuable for governmental and commercial organisations. The expectation is that the current covid-19 crisis will only drive growth on the mid-term.


Ard Jol, Managing Director of Pandora Intelligence: “Great to be part of an extensive network of organisations that are focused on a more secure world. This is in line with the vision of Pandora Intelligence and we hope to share and gather knowledge, extend our network and contribute to a safer world!”

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