Opening Horizon 2020 PADR-Call

16 apr 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The European Commission is undertaking preparatory activities in advance of the big European Tech Fund. One of those activities involves the defence research. This programme carries the name Preparatory Action for Defence Research (PADR) and runs from 2017-2019. The last call in the PADR programme is in 2019 and 25 million Euros are invested in international project for doing research that is of importance to defence.


Subjects that are mentioned are:

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance
  • Interoperability standards for military unmanned systems
  • Future Disruptive Defence Technologies, including:
  • Open (not pre-written)
  • Autonomous position, navigation, time services without satellites
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum technologies
  • Long-range effects
  • Augmenting soldier capacity


Calls in the PADR programme opened on 21 March 2019 and you are able to submit project proposals until 28 August 2019. The working programme can be accessed and proposals can be submitted via the Funding and tenders page. A two-step procedure is only used for the open call in Future Disruptive Defence Technologies. The first round is closed on 3 September 2019, the second round will be closed on 30 January 2020. For more information or to read project proposals you can contact RVO for free!


Overview of European opportunities for companies in the defence-domain

The European Defence Agency has published an overview of funds that could be relevant for companies that are active or wish to be active within the defence-domain. The opportunities that are showed are made possible by European funds. Of course, the preparing programmes for the European Defence Fund are the most important examples. The page also shows the EDA programmes that have the goal of fortifying the defence capacities.


Call for forensic technology in the SHUTTLE project

On 1 May 2018 the SHUTTLE project started within the Secure Societies programme. Forensic organisations define their operational needs in this project. A next step is to ask for funding for innovative solutions that connect to the needs as laid out by forensic experts. A toolkit for researching micro-particles at the crime scene is requested along with the funding. More about funding, the opening- and closing dates and the terms and conditions can be found on the project website.  

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