New Team Members HSD Office

04 sept 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD office welcomes four new colleagues. “Strenghtening the team is important in order to continue building on the future of the national security cluster Hague Security Delta (HSD).”


HSD office connects businesses, governments and knowledge institutions with each other with an intrinsic motivation for security and society. Joris den Bruinen, Deputy Director: “Together with our partners we work on innovations, knowledge and economic development. We do this in order to increase security in the Netherlands now and in the future, and to realise a growth of jobs within our economy. Hiring new talent fits within this perspective, securing and expanding this in the long-run.”


New colleagues
Within the HSD office, we have feeling for bringing partners together and in creating valuable partnerships. We are eminent connecters by heart. We are accomplishers who like to facilitate new developments.


Mirella Tijhaar
Mirella will become senior innovation liaison. She previously worked at the ministry of Security and Justice and often worked together with crisis organisations, security regions, knowledge institutions and companies. She also won the public award ‘Civil Servant of the year 2016’. Within HSD, she will be a key player between triple helix partners and will take initiatives that lead to innovative solutions for security issues. Also, she will be a member of the management team and a coordinator for the innovative liaison team.


Randy Benjamins
Randy has become medior innovation liaison. He built a career in business, at innovative small-to-medium enterprises. Randy has extensive knowledge and experience within the area of geographic information systems. He is used to working together with companies, knowledge institutions and government organisations. He, like Mirella, act as a key player between the triple helix partners and unlocks knowledge and information from the HSD community.


Evert Jan Jansen Schoonhoven
Evert Jan works as a financial controller. He has a wide background in financing, and has worked within multiple large companies. Within HSD, he will be responsible for the full financial and business processes.


Eurydice van Coblijn
Eurydice is our new senior communication advisor. She gained experience in multiple communication advisory roles with municipalities and within the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. In her previous function with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, she was responsible for strategies and execution. She was involved in ‘Innovative enterprising’ which included topics like international innovation, patents and valorization. Within HSD, she will work on different aspects of communication, including project communications, marketing communications and events, such as the HSD cafés.


Meanwhile, Liset Metz and Wassim Esseka started out as interns. Liset is interning within the Communications department and studies European Studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Wassim has a Learning Workplace for his study programme of Integral Security, also at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.