New Premium Partner: "Working together creates mutual success"

24 mrt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Beginning of 2020 PRW Consulting GmbH decided to join the HSD Community. PRW Consulting GmbH manages compliance, this means creating a working field which is GDPR proof. Their goal and motto therefore is: “PRW Consultancy GmbH your secure partner in becoming GDPR proof”. Director Paul Eimers states that no software, nor hardware but merely consultancy is used to guide them through the complex guidelines of GDPR authorities.


However, since digitalisation creates more data whereby privacy is at stake, PRW decided that, in order to improve their techniques, they wanted to broaden their horizon by collaborating with other security specialists. One of PRW’s solutions for this year was to become Premium Partner of HSD in order to work on a common goal together.


Value of becoming a premium partner

The added value to this partnership, according to Eimers, is that PRW combines the disciplines IT, organisation and law to guarantee a GDPR proof working field. This corresponds to the goals of HSD. The Premium Partnership can thereby support to reach the goals of PRW.


Eimers on the importance of a security cluster: “We can look back on a 30-year experience and knowledge regarding IT whereby we have executed more than 1.000 projects. In addition, PRW Consultancy is closely related to PRW Law GmbH ensuring that the consultancy is also matching the juridical demands and conditions.”


GDPR proof

PRW views controlling the vast amount of innovation taking place in the working fields of their clients in relation to the status GDPR proof a challenge in the security domain. Therefore, they hope to improve themselves by collaborating with different security cluster parties by exchanging knowledge and experience.


“By working together, we can mutually be successful.”