New Partnership Amsterdam Security and The Hague Security Delta

01 nov 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 1st November 2016 Amsterdam Security and the Hague Security Delta (HSD) agreed on a partnership which is made official during the Amsterdam Security Conference in RAI Amsterdam. By signing this agreement both organisations are able to benefit from each others’ knowledge and network in the international field of safety and security.


Executive Director HSD, Richard Franken: “The added value for HSD on this partnership with RAI and Amsterdam Security is based on sharing knowledge. Together with our large network we have a lot of knowledge on the level of security of digital structures and cyber security. The collaboration with Amsterdam Security, with large exhibitions and conferences, offers HSD and our partners new opportunities to share content with target audiences within this area.”


Collaboration on security domain 

A Partner Certificate sealed the partnership between Amsterdam Security and HSD. The certificate was signed by Nynke Lipsius, Domain Manager RAI and Joris den Bruinen, Deputy Director HSD. 

Nynke Lipsius: “Our new concept Amsterdam Security underlines that we want to embrace the entire security domain. We’re very proud on this collaboration with HSD. With combined forces and ambitions we put an international spotlight the Netherlands regarding security!”

Joris den Bruinen: “The connection between two knowledge platforms offers new opportunities for innovations between traditional security and security of digital structures and cyber security. Together we create added value for organisations in the security domain.”


Amsterdam Security

Amsterdam Security offers a high end program to facilitate the end users in the field of safety and security. Recent developments like terrorism threats and new technologies as the Internet of Things, Drones, Big data and Cyber security change the security challenges for companies, knowledge institutes and public entities in a fast pace. The main theme ‘Bridging the gap between IT and Security’ underlines the importance of realising valuable connections. During the Amsterdam Security Conference  security & ICT professionals from the Benelux meet and share their insights. In three days – from 31 October till 2 November 2017 – a variety of keynotes speeches, seminars, lunch meetings and round table sessions are held in a vibrant business environment in RAI Amsterdam.




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