New Online Learning Trajectory Ethical Hacking for HBO-ICT

24 apr 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

During the corona crisis, Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) decisively handles an Ethical Hacking programme for its students. Now that a lot of people are working from home, there is growing attention for cyber security. HBO-ICT students from Hogeschool Utrecht learn the tricks of the trade in collaboration with the Security Academy.


Before the corona crisis, the HU had already entered into a partnership with the Security Academy. Part of this collaboration is an Ethical Hacking training course for HBO-ICT students, consisting of the SECO-Institute courses Ethical Hacking Foundation and Ethical Hacking Practitioner. This gives HU students and lecturers access to current and practice-oriented knowledge. Since the corona crisis came, all buildings of the HU are closed and all education is offered remotely. Together with Security Academy, an effort has been made to create an online environment that should go a little further than a standard online learning environment: 400 VMs for 125 students in a compartmentalized, securely hackable cloud environment. 


Anita Bosman, director of the Institute for ICT: “We want to offer our students the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of cyber security. Practically-oriented education is "key". And it's great that we can continue these practical courses with experienced ethical hackers despite the corona crisis. I am proud of my teachers and our partner Security Academy for the adjustments they have been able to make.”


Rick Strijbos, managing director of Security Academy: “It is great that we have found a good solution in good cooperation with Hogeschool Utrecht. We are currently seeing that we are very successful in offering our cyber courses online. And the results of online teaching exceed expectations. Because we now work a lot from home, cyber criminals are very active. So more than ever cybersecurity is of great importance. ”

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