New HSD Campus Developments: Improvements and Expansion

24 feb 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Since the opening of the HSD Campus - the national innovation centre for security in The Hague - early 2014, the campus has grown considerably. Currently, 27 companies, 3 governments and 4 knowledge institutions are established at the HSD Campus where they work together on innovation and knowledge in the field of safety and security. Since the opening the number of professionals at the HSD Campus has increased from 45 to 148 at the end of 2015, up to165 since the beginning of 2016. This also means that the HSD Campus has grown physically: it now covers 3.700m2 divided over 3 floors. The HSD Campus infographic gives a complete overview of the developments of the innovation centre.

To facilitate further growth and to meet the requirements of the tenants, the HSD Campus expanded and remodelled in January 2016:
- Digital screens are placed on each floor with information about tenants and a map that shows their location
- Extra flexible workstations are realised on the 6th floor
- Concentration workplaces are removed on the 7th floor in order to expand the 'Innovation Room 1' by 20%. Now, due to this expansion, events with over 200 visitors can be organised at this venue. Also, additional screens are placed to give presentations in multiple setups.
- Two education spaces on the 7th floor are expended by including space from the hallway.
- 9 extra office units are realised on the 6th floor, with a total area of 360m2. 

Expansion HSD Campus with an International Centre 
To give international security organisations the opportunity to establish their business at the HSD Campus or to be able to facilitate partners with international ambitions, the HSD Campus is expanding with an International Centre at the end of the 1st quarter 2016. The International Centre is realised on the 13th floor of the WTC The Hague. 

The reason for establishing this centre in the WTC is that many internationally oriented organisations are already based here. These organisations accompany new organisations with achieving their international ambitions, such as InnovationQuarter and NCH. In addition, establishment at the International Centre means that tenants also have access to the community of the Dutch security cluster. 

Want to know more about the possibilities of the International Centre, please contact: Karim Adarghal of the Municipality of The Hague: +31 (0) 6 50 23 13 71 or