Netherlands International Security Forum (NISF) Held Their Spring 2017 Meeting at HSD Campus

28 mrt 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 27 March the Netherlands International Security Forum (NISF) held their Spring 2017 meeting at the Campus of the Hague Security Delta (HSD).


In the NISF the security officers of international organisations in the Netherlands discuss issues of mutual interest together with Netherlands security authorities. The NISF participants were (among other issues) informed about the triple helix co-operation in HSD between government, knowledge institutions and industry and were updated on the development of an area oriented approach towards security in the international zone programme.


The chairman of the NISF lead the meeting and stated: “It was a ‘fruitful’ meeting and all the participants communicated in pro active and progressive manner whilst recognising the importance of security and safety within the national and international domains".


This meeting is in line with the co-operative sessions of triple helix organisations on security innovation in the international zone: by working closely together we are able to achieve an integrated approach and an improved security level.


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