Call: NCI Agency €7.5 Million Bid for External, Impartial Advice on the Provision of IT services

15 apr 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency is seeking external, impartial advice on the provision of IT services. The contract awarded will be worth up to a maximum of €7.5 million over five years. It includes one base year and four one-year options at €1.5 million per year.


The contractor will use extensive research and analysis to advise NATO on how to more efficiently deliver and use its IT services. 


The Agency is particularly seeking expertise, products, advice and services in any of these areas: machine learning, artificial intelligence, management of IT infrastructure and operations, cyber security and social media.


Dr Michael Street, Head of Innovation and Data Science at the NCI Agency: "This project is to ensure that NATO, collectively, benefits from best practices in IT service provision, from the commercial world and public sector. It will support NATO in its digital transformation, as the organisation looks to adopt and benefit from current and emerging digital technologies."


The Agency plans to release a formal Invitation for Bid during Q2 2021 and award a contract for the successful bid by September 2021.


Read the full Notification of Intent here.

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