Ministry of Defence Increases Budget for Cyber Research

13 nov 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 12 November, the Dutch ministry of Defence announced their 'Defence Cyber Strategy 2018', aiming to increase its offensive cyber capabilities and cyber resilience. The cyber threat has grown considerably in recent years. Good defence and security are not sufficient to prevent malicious countries or organisations from digital attacks. "That is why we really have to invest in combating digital espionage, influencing and sabotage", emphasises minister Bijleveld.


Additional budget cyber research

The ministry of Defence will increase its budget for cyber research from almost 4 million euros to approximately 6,5 million euros from next year. Where possible, this is done together with other departments, as also announced in the Dutch Digitisation Strategy. Bijleveld: "Knowledge and innovation are needed to stay ahead of opponents and protect us against new digital threats."


Innovation Hub

As part of the cyber research, the ministry of Defence is conducting a study together with a number of other parties into establishing and organising a Cyber Innovation Hub; The HSD Office is amongst those involved. This hub is to be set up in 2019. 

Read the official press release or article in Computable  (in Dutch)

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