Meet the Winners of Secure Your Future 2013

13 dec 2013
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The jury of Secure Your Future is delighted to announce the winners of the first edition of this 'multimedia for security' competition. Winner of the competition, Jelle van Haaster, will receive €3,500.00 plus professional guidance for further development of his idea for a Social Media Monitor - Operational Data Mining concept. Megan Anderson and her team won the second price with their idea for an interactive website application named CRISISVAULT.


Winner: Social Media Monitor - Operational Data mining

Via Twitter and other social media, daily facts and opinions are expressed on organizations, companies, individuals or products. This information is valuable in itself, but if the tweets are fortified with information about the geographical location: indispensable. The ‘Social Media Monitor’ makes this possible. The sentiment on social media about an organization, company, person or product is made ​​clear by the geo-tagging of messages (geo-tagging: a message with a geographical location). This innovative idea is applicable for military missions and tackling security problems. For example, at times when military budgets are squeezed and shorter missions with less 'boots on the ground' are common, this solution comes in useful. Operational data mining can help with providing valuable information for actual missions, but also help prepare for such missions without having any boots on the ground. It is an effective way of understanding sentiments and needs of local citizens or communities during a mission.


About the winner: Jelle van Haaster has a background consisting of a mix of military, legal, academic, technical and commercial skills and abilities. He is a PhD-researcher in Cyber Operations at the Dutch Military Academy (NLDA). Prezi: Visit



CRISISVAULT is an interactive website application concept that enables users to explore and interact with numerous government and organizational post-crisis reports that have been lost or forgotten in time. Welcome to a new generation of learning, where text is brought to life with graphics and visuals, images and diagrams are animated, and the reader becomes a true explorer. Let’s create a resilient society by revolutionizing the way we learn from crises.


About the runners-up: Janneke van Hemmen, Megan Anderson, Marlies Litjes, Konstantinos Pantelis, Arthur Bijl, Sebastian Lenze, Max Geelen and Kasper Gossink are the people behind CRISISVAULT. They are a dynamic team of Masters students and PhD candidates/(starting) entrepreneurs at the University of Leiden, Campus Den Haag. Prezi: Visit


Secure Your Future is an initiative of The Hague Security Delta together with technology magazine De Ingenieur and the Royal Institute for Engineers KIVI NIRIA.


The competition was made possible thanks to:

  • Ctrl + N
  • Edition1
  • Ministry of Security and Justice & ‘Veilig door Innovatie’
  • nwtmagazine
  • Techno!
  • The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  • WISER Consultancy 


 The jury consists of professionals in the field of security, innovation and multimedia:

  • Frank G.J. van Aken, M.Sc.: TNO, Programme Manager Applied Gaming
  • Peter de Beijer: Project leader ‘Internet Research Network iRN Politie’/Project leader ‘Verduurzaming iRN’ & ‘iColumbo’
  • Wim Broer: Chief of Police, Programme Director ‘Virtueel Politie Korps’ – Professional Gaming Programme
  • Prof dr Valerie Frissen: Director CLICKNL (Network for knowledge and innovation in the creative industry) Principal scientist TNO/EUR.
  • Dhr. But Klaasen, Innovation Manager at the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Ministry of Security and Justice.
  • Stephan Poelsma: Strategic Communication Director DPI Holding
  • KOL W.S. (Wilfred) Rietdijk MA: Commandant Land Training Centre at the Bernhardkazerne
  • Ivo Wentholt: Founder of Sharewire and the The Hague Mobile Academy (tHMA)
  • Jan Wind: Chairman KIVI NIRIA DV