IT Talent College Challenges HSD Partners to Contribute to Education of IT Students

19 jan 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

IT Talent College and HSD have partnered up in light of the strategic aims of the HSD Human Capital Agenda. These aims are the improvement of access to talent and the improvement of the connection between education and the labour market. IT Talent College contributes to the last aim by providing inspiring lectures and offering blended learning opportunities to IT students. Due to the rapid developments in the IT (security) sector, up to date and online learning tools have become increasingly popular. IT Talent College organises monthly lectures which are recorded and can be streamed online for free afterwards. Unique about IT Talent College is the primacy of the student. Students decide on the topics and the speakers that will be invited. This year IT Talent College will organise lectures on topics ranging from security, hacking, cloud computing, robotics to privacy. The first lecture of 2016 will be on 9 March on the topic of privacy. Richard Stallman, a well-known American free software activist, will be one of the speakers.

IT Talent College challenges HSD partners to contribute to the education of IT students by sharing knowledge, telling students about the newest developments in the field of security and by showing them what makes you tick. HSD partners that are interested can become a knowledge partner of IT Talent College and will receive a discount of 15% on the partnership fee. As a knowledge partner you will be given the opportunity to record a tutorial of 15 minutes in which you can inform and inspire IT students. Furthermore you will be invited to be present at one of the lectures and meet offline with IT students. If you want to be involved or know more about the concept, you can send an e-mail to