Introducing New Residents of the HSD Campus: Bitmymoney and Business Forensics

20 apr 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The HSD Campus welcomes two new residents. The expertise of these companies varies from the security of online bitcoin accounts to the monitoring of risks and threats through combining multiple detection mechanisms.  


Bitmymoney: “Location, visibility and facilities are all combined at the HSD”

Bitmymoney offers a simple and secure online Bitcoin account. You can easily save bitcoins, make online payments or send money to friends. Security is essential for a FinTech company, making HSD an excellent location for the company. Parent company Biccur builds services on the blockchain: the latest financial innovation. Biccur technology is designed for worldwide remittance, mobile payments and saving in real estate shares. Biccur was using HSD campus since november 2014 as a co-working location. Robert-Reinder Nederhoed, CEO of Bitmymoney: “HSD campus is more than an office location. It provides residents with networking events and investment meetings. During the time we have been located here, we have met a lot of interesting and useful contacts and HSD has proven its value”.


“BusinessForensics: the ability to detect the unknown risks and threats in today’s ever changing business environment”

BusinessForensics offers continuous monitoring and analysis of both known and unknown risks and threats. By combining multiple detection mechanisms, we significantly reduce the number of false positive alerts, yet we are also able to prioritize the remaining alerts so time is spent on the most pressing issues first. By combining data from various sources, each alert is enriched with its relevant situational context, so immediate assessment is possible. Turning this situational awareness into actionable intelligence, reduces the ‘window of opportunity’ for abuse or mistakes to cause unnecessary damages significantly. The result is a completely transparent organisation, where unnecessary costs are reduced to an absolute minimum and trust is increased to optimal levels. Over the past three years we have built up a strong position in The Netherlands, providing large, international financial institutions and governmental organisations with our software. We plan to expand both internationally and monitoring coverage. In addition to general ledger transactions, payments & receipts, investments and insurance claims we would also like to be more prominently active in monitoring cyber threats. The exposure that comes from being present in the HSD campus will no doubt provide the opportunities to achieve this. In turn, we want to enhance our product with functionalities which probbay could be readily provided by other tenants, that are herewith invited to open the discussion about possible cooperation!”

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