Introducing New Residents HSD Campus: Andrupos, Signpost Six & Tymlez

17 nov 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The HSD Campus welcomes three new residents. During the opening of the HSD Campus International Centre last month guests were given the option to hand in their business card. Subsequently one of the businesscards was drawn from the bowl and the winner, startup Andrupos, won half a year free office space at the HSD Campus International Centre, offered by WTC The Hague.


About Andrupos

In a world where techniques to create documents are constantly changing and developing, it is difficult to get a grip on counterfeiters. With Andrupos there will be more insight on the creating methods and components as well as geographical appearance of counterfeit documents. Existing automated systems only cover with a check if the document is genuine or not. Andrupos goes further. It gives instantly forensic information of about the document, which printer created it, what paper was used, where counterfeits with the same biometric features were found. In the area of counterfeit banknotes and ID-documents it is a big advantage to have this information available quickly. Andrupos makes this possible with delivering a software solution that in combination with a scanner can automatically scan, extract and compare with databases exactly these specific biometric features, that can’t be counterfeited or manipulated.


Director Erna Leenaars: "As a start-up company, Andrupos has a lot to learn from companies located HSD that are more experienced. Especially since we are in an area where there is no mass production of a consumer product. Networking is key if we want to penetrate the market. Andrupos has already build up a close network to its end-users (forensic document experts) worldwide. The concentration of security-related companies at HSD makes it easy to network and to be alert on opportunities for products from other HSD companies, but also to combine different disciplines to design broader solutions in cooperation."


About Tymlez

Tymlez Software and Consulting is a start-up specialised in blockchain technology for enterprises. The company consists of a group of experienced entrepeneurs with expertise in the field of enterprise application development, IT security, identity management and authentication, telecommunication and mobile security. Our goal is to create timeless software that help companies with their digital transformation. For us blockchain is an enabler and a requirement for the launch of new business models.


Founder Alex Bausch: " We chose HSD Campus International Centre because we are a global player. With our three offices in Europe and our ambitions to grow into new continents we believe HSD is the right place. The network, the international trade missions and the business environment are great advantages.


About Signpost Six

Signpost Six is a behavioural intelligence provider and a psychological assessment company. We gather, assess, identify, analyze, and implement behavioral intelligence that helps organisations and individuals to deal with the opportunities and threats related to increasing information interconnectedness: both online and offline we are all more linked and more traceable than ever.


Founder Elsine van Os: "Signpost Six is an international organisation and positions itself as the spider in the intelligence web; as the mediator between other providers of relevant intelligence. A comprehensive approach in this line of work is essential and the HSD campus is a perfect entry point for cooperation with other security providers. Signpost Six provides a different perspective to the current overview of companies to HSD: the human factor. However, we inherently believe it’s an interplay between technology, physical measures and the human factor that brings about security solutions. Therefore, Signpost Six sees strong mutual benefits in co-locating with other security organizations. Proximity, both physically and in a virtual network, brings about fruitful partnerships and working relationships."





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