Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: Sendmarc

18 dec 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Sendmarc recently became a Premium Partner of Security Delta (HSD). Sendmarc aims to ensure your e-mail is protected from impersonation and attacks, both by identifying real e-mails and by stopping fake ones. The company’s goal is to help make the internet safer for everyone by ensuring the inbox is a safer place. To learn about the company’s ambitions and views on security, we sat down with Sacha Matulovich, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Sendmarc.


Despite being founded only five years ago in 2018 the company is rapidly expanding. From its inception in South-Africa, the company is now active all over the world, with additional offices in Europe, Latin America, Australia, The United States and Canada. After recently opening an office in the Netherlands, Sendmarc decided to become a Premium Partner of Security Delta (HSD).


Could you explain what Sendmarc does and what makes it so unique?


“We focus on stopping one type of cyber-attack: e-mail impersonation. Our job is to protect companies from malicious impersonation, and to prevent their customers from being attacked. More and more companies need to be responsible e-mail citizens, and that includes a duty to protect customer data and privacy.”


Matulovich explains that this is also where the company’s name comes from. “DMARC is a protocol we use, which is a global best practice. So, it’s a bit geeky, but most engineers understand it,” he laughs. “To ensure everyone understands the positive impact of DMARC, and Sendmarc, we've simplified it: we protect your email, and that's what matters most. To assist you, we provide a free Know Your Score tool on our website. It grades the security level of your email domain on a scale of 1 to 5.


Can you tell me a bit about Sendmarc’s history?


“Two of our founders, Sam Hutchinson and Keith Thompson, built a company in South-Africa that became the biggest sender of e-mail. Throughout this journey, beyond acquiring expertise in email, they gained valuable insights into security. This newfound knowledge led them to their next challenge, and that’s when I came on board. Our first funding arrived at the end of 2019, marking the true launch of our venture at the beginning of 2020. Just three months later, the COVID-19 pandemic struck.”


“Due to the pandemic, we transitioned into a fully virtual business model. While we maintain physical offices for occasional gatherings, the majority of our operations are conducted remotely. A year into our venture we were growing exponentially, prompting us to explore internationalisation. We opened the Dutch office in 2022 and have teams all over the world now. Right now, our aim is to double up every year, and we've been hitting that mark consistently.”


What led you to Security Delta (HSD) and what made you want to become a premium partner?


“We aim to play a role in making the Netherlands a safer place. Our mission is to enhance internet safety, and Security Delta (HSD) shares that goal of making the Netherlands safer. At Sendmarc, our strength lies in solving a specific problem, and that's our way of contributing to the ecosystem.


“We also want to build relationships with other vendors and providers. The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries for cybersecurity that we’ve seen, but there’s still room for improvement. We are mostly looking for collaborations when it comes to public sector, government departments and universities for example. We believe playing an active role in the security ecosystem through HSD will help us form those relationships.”

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