Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: Enwere

09 apr 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Enwere has recently become a Premium Partner of Security Delta (HSD). Since 2017 this cyber security organisation has helped clients in their cyber resilience journey, and minimising cyber-attack impact. Their focus is on SMEs and MSP’s, helping these businesses gain awareness, insights, and measures.  To get to know them better, we sat down with Raymon D’Mattos and Viraj Balgobind in their office on the HSD Campus.


What does Enwere do in the field of cybersecurity?


“Our vision is to create a 24/7 digitally secure society”, Raymon explains. “We offer SMEs, MSP’s, and semi-governmental institutions tailored cybersecurity solutions. To do this we work with products that we’ve developed ourselves, as well as third party applications from trusted partners such as Microsoft and Cisco. We have a tailor-made solution for whatever our client needs.”


“We are not focused on workstation management, we’re really all about cybersecurity”, Viraj adds. “There are three areas that we focus on: the human aspect, the technical aspect, and governance. Many parties only focus on one of these, especially among SMEs. Awareness still requires attention there. Many SMEs have a backup strategy, but not a restart strategy. That’s what they need to get real peace of mind.”


Could you tell me a bit about how Enwere came to be?


“Viraj and I have known each other for a while”, Raymon starts. “We have worked together in the past and knew each other from school. We ran into one another during a networking event, where we found out we’d both had the same idea for a business. We started working on a mobile solution with a cybersecurity layer on top but are currently fully focussed on cybersecurity only.”


When asked about the name they laugh. “We locked ourselves up for two days where all we did was brainstorm”, they explain. “We ended up choosing the name ‘Enwere’, which means ‘there is’ in the African Igbo dialect. There is Cybersecurity.” The company has come a long way since those early days. Since its founding in 2017, this cybersecurity company has grown from Raymon and Viraj to a team of seven.


How did you end up getting into contact with HSD, and why did you become partner?


“We first came across HSD in 2016”, Raymon recalls. “We visited Gitex in Dubai and got acquainted with the ecosystem there. We visited a lot of events organised by HSD after that. We recently became partner as we feel we now have the focus to give the partnership our full attention. We are really looking forward to collaborating with other partners to develop solutions together for SMEs.”


Enwere has also been a (flex) tenant on the HSD Campus for over a year now but has been involved to various degrees for a while. “We had an office in Zoetermeer before this”, Raymon says. “We had considered moving here as early as 2018 but we felt we weren’t ready. Last year we decided we were ready to get into the heart of the ecosystem. We came here for the synergy with other tenants, something you can really feel on the HSD Campus.”


Since then Enwere has been a visible presence on the HSD Campus. “We’ve been to many networking events here”, Viraj shares. “We’ve also collaborated closely with other companies located on the campus. This is a great location for mutual product development. We can enhance the portfolios of other businesses, and they ours, and we’re all only a few meters away in some cases.”


What are your ambitions for the coming years?


“We’re currently working on our most ambitious project to date”, says Viraj. “Over the years we’ve seen that phishing detection by websites can be very slow. It can take up to 48 hours to detect it, giving cyber criminals ample time to plunder your bank account without you even noticing.”


Enwere has been working on a patented software solution that can bring this timeframe from 48 hours to mere milliseconds. “Three of our developers have been working on this for over two years”, Raymon says. “The product, based on AI and machine learning, is already patented in the Netherlands and patent pending in Europe and. It will be finished sometime start of next year. It’s a very exciting time for us, as we’ve entered a whole new world with patents and investors.”

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