Innovative Anti-Hacking Measures for Cars Developed by Dutch Chip Manufacturer NXP

30 okt 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

As cars become more connected to the Internet, they naturally attract the attention of hackers. The Dutch chip manufacturer NXP is therefore developing highly secured processor chips that are normally used in passports and credit cards for cars. Next to the software in cars, NXP will also manage the data traffic and network around cars. Their latest innovations will be introduced by General Motors in 2016. It is a crossover between two important themes within HSD – unmanned systems and cyber security – and provides great opportunities for cooperation.

“The car increasingly becomes a data generator, communicates with other cars and with the rest of the world. But this communication needs to be secured”, following Maurice Geraets, New Business Development Manager at NXP Semiconductors. “You don’t want someone stealing your data, taking over the wheel or worse: put the all traffic down.”