ICT 2.0 Upgrades its HSD Partnership

25 feb 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On Tuesday 25 February, ICT 2.0 has announced that they want to upgrade their HSD partnership and become a Premium Partner of the Dutch Security Cluster. The announcement took place during the RSA Conference 2020 in the USA. Where Chief Executive Officer Brian Luining (ICT 2.0) and Director Joris den Bruinen (HSD) signed an agreement prior to the opening of the Holland IT Security Pavilion. 


ICT 2.0 is a fast scaling Secure Digital Workspace consulting and engineering company, which specializes in digital transformation and cyber resilience within the connected workspace. Their mission is to accelerate people while embedding the latest secure technology. The company is on the verge of launching PNDRA© Hyper Secure Workspace, which is an exclusive managed secure workspace service for high profiled individuals and critical decision makers only. Offering access to the highest standard in workspace integrity and security. 


Brian Luining: “Our partnership with HSD allows us to engage even better with other specialized companies within the security domain. With the exponentiality of digital transformation and the boom in cyber threat, we need to integrate the latest software and technology available. ICT 2.0 strongly believes in strategic partnerships to present its clients the best value proposition”.


RSA Conference in San Francisco 

Attending the economic mission and Holland IT Security House at the RSA Conference 2020 is the start for ICT 2.0 to initiate activities in the United States. This year is the first time in history that a Holland IT Security House is part of the RSA Conference. The pavilion is organised by InnovationQuarter, RVO and HSD in close collaboration with the Dutch economic cybersecurity mission to the US. When asked to join the cyber security community at the Holland IT Security Pavilion, CEO Brian Luining did not hesitate. 


Brian Luining: “The USA is the largest market in the world and for an ambitious company like ICT 2.0 it is the right place to be. We are certain that our experience working exclusively for national security agencies, government entities and publicly listed companies gives us all the right reasons for being here. With PNDRA© Hyper Secure Workspace we offer Security as a Service to a specific target audience – high profiled individuals and critical decision makers - which has its largest representation globally in the United States of America.”


Joris den Bruinen, director HSD: “It’s great to see that ICT 2.0 is willing to enhance the HSD community by upgrading its partnership. ICT 2.0 has been a Network Partner for a couple of years now and have experienced the added value the community brings and believes in the impact we can create together.”


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ICT 2.0 is not the first partner that upgraded their partnership. In 2019 Hudson Cybertec, Cybersprint and Compumatica also became Premium Partner. Read here what their reasons were to make this step.