HSD Partner TU Delft Will Move Master Programme to The Hague

21 jan 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A branch of TU Delft will be located at The Hague Campus of Leiden University from September 2016. As The Hague wants to strengthen its position as knowledge hub, the Municipality of The Hague will invest 2.1 million euros in the coming three years, covering fifty percent of the total costs.

The Master Programme ‘’Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)’’ that will be moved to the Hague, has many international students. According to Jeroen van den Hoven (professor Ethics and career counsellor TU Delft), The Hague, as international city, offers many opportunities. In the Hague, international students will get involved in the development of autonomous weapon systems and cyber security solutions. Furthermore, being located close to the Government Departments, can be beneficial for the number of internships awarded to students of TU Delft.

On 1 February,  a information meeting about the Master Programme EPA and related developments and ambitions concerning the movement to The Hague will be organised. The event is invitation only, but if you are interested please contact Madelon Awater via madelon.awater@denhaag.nl for more information.