How to survive a (possible) Brexit when doing business in security?

25 jan 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

What will be the consequences for your business when Brexit is definite? There is a lot of uncertainty right now how the United Kingdom will exit the European Union. Not only freight traffic will be effected at the border, also the digital highway will notice the consequences of a Brexit.  


Do you have direct connections with the UK or in your product chain? Is your data in the cloud hosted by a British server or do you have British employees on your payroll?


Be prepared for any exit when doing a secure business!


You can consult different websites with useful information and analyse the do’s and don’ts for your business stability concerning the Brexit.


Please find a list below where you can find information from the Dutch Government, The Chamber of Commerce and other organisations who can help.


Dutch Government

Next to finding updated news and practical information you can also do a Brexit scan on this website developed by the Dutch Government.

Chamber of Commerce (KVK)
Find here on this website from the Chamber of Commerce background information and practical tips concerning the Brexit.


Nederland ICT

On this website you can find news about the Brexit and exchange of data



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Did you know that Innovalor is helping the UK Home Office to enable EU citizens obtaining UK immigration status after Brexit with its smartphone app?

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