How Cybersprint Realises Fast Growth in HSD-Ecosystem

13 aug 2018
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Cybersprint has existed for two-and-a-half years and is established at the HSD Campus. At this point, the company of Pieter Jansen (36) has grown from two employees to eighteen employees and has move from 24 square meters to 100 square meters. “We realise our growth in the HSD-ecosystem.”



Fully automatic, the ‘searchmachine’ of Cybersprint maps out the digital risks and threats for governments and businesses. “You do not know where the threat comes from and what it will specifically focus on. This is why we scour the internet and the dark web as broadly as we can to look where your security risks are and where you could possibly be hacked”. Cybersprint belongs well in the HSD-environment, according to Jansen. In a single day he can meet a professor, a CEO and a civil servant at the HSD Campus, with similar issues but differing perspectives. “That knowledge and those meetings are enriching. It is not immediately about sales, but about knowing what is happening, claiming the benefit with this and finally pass this through to a different HSD partner.”


The HSD network is one of the factors involved in the rapid growth of his business. “We have gained access to capital via InnovationQuarter. Via SME Connect we are given access to networks in different countries. This is of aid in finding partners who are already connected to our dream customers, so that we can reinforce and strength- en them and the customer. HSD draws many visitors, which grants us the opportunity to pitch infront of foreign delegations. Trade missions open up many opportunities for us.”

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